my godmother just sent me my mathew’s warriors shirt in the mail! watch this video and like the matthew’s warriors facebook page to find out more about myeloid leukemia, and consider making a donation to the LLS light the night walk in matthew’s name. 
matthew is my godmother’s grandnephew. i’d known his older sisters, mom, and dad for my whole life, and i first met him when he about a year old, a few months before he was diagnosed. he was such a happy, normal baby. i remember when our families went to the beach together he liked to watch yo gabba gabba in his bouncy chair, and the smile on his face when anyone picked him up was a beautiful thing. when i first heard he was diagnosed with leukemia, my heart broke. it seemed like one thing after another for his family: his diagnosis, treatment, and then just as he went into remission, his older sister was diagnosed with diabetes. after 13 months of remission, matthew relapsed in march. everyone in their family was tested for a bone marrow transplant, but no one was a full match. despite the risks of the operation, his dad, who was a partial match, elected to do the transplant. as of right now, matthew is still in almost permanent residence at john hopkins medical center in baltimore. his whole family is hoping for a full recovery. through it all, he’s been the brightest, most optimistic kid you could ever meet. you wouldn’t even be able to tell he had this terrible disease if no one told you. i’m not going to try to guilt trip you guys into reblogging this, but if any of you could spare a little extra cash to give to his family, i know they would appreciate it.
as i was writing this, my godmother called to make sure we had gotten the shirts. she said matthew had swam in a pool for the first time on friday, and that he had a blast. 
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